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Residential Experiences

    "The staff of Distinctive Living is amazingly professional and supportive. They made my move in smooth from signing the lease agreement to paying my rent each month. The quality of the services is extremely high: they always manage to take care of my needs and fulfill all my requests very efficiently. I highly recommend Distinctive Living." - Seth Rollins, Community Member

    "My boyfriend and I have lived here since April and we can not say enough good things about living with Distinctive Living. This is our first apartment together and we love our space. It is clean, modern, and affordable! The neighbors are great and the community is quiet. We have had no complaints to report during our almost 8 months here and we would recommend to anyone looking for a great place to live!" 

Lexi Moore, Community Member

    "My family and I have lived at multiple locations with Distinctive Living of Murray. Whether it was our townhouse in the city, or our stand alone place in the country, they go above and beyond to make sure everything we need is taken care of and really take pride in their properties. I would suggest them to everyone. They have properties that fit various tenants needs." 

- Tony Jones, Community Member

Partnership Testimonials

    "Distinctive Living of Murray has been incredible in the management of my home. I had concerns about identifying a reputable management company to keep close watch over my property and had little faith anyone would care about my property the way I would. I found great comfort over the first few years dealing with Distinctive Living of Murray and how they helped preserve my homes integrity and appeal, the same things that drew me to the home in the first place. Distinctive Living doesn't have handy men on the payroll, so they don't go "find" things to fix and leave you with the bill. If you want someone who makes home investing easy, look no further than Distinctive Living of Murray. They will get the job done and keep it done." 

- Joshua McWherter, Public Valued Partner

    "We are very fortunate to have the property professionals at Distinctive Living of Murray cater to our residents and properties . DLOM maintains our units as if they were their own, ensuring that our community is well maintained, clean, and professionally serviced. I highly recommend her services for all property owners, regardless the size of their real estate portfolios. Truly,  takes the stress out of owning and maintaining properties."

- Private Valued Partner

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